We want to see all our guests become family as they connect with one another and with God. We believe our strategy will help move people closer to finding the life that God promises. The primary way people connect is at the worship gathering at The Well.

Want to learn more about the church and have your questions answered?

Connect with Pastor Brian 928-240-2760 for a lunch (on us) to discuss the church and

how you can get connected with God and others.


We would say this would be the second step for our guests. We invite everyone to join one of our groups that we have at the church or in the community that meet each week. Various types of groups are listed below:


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As a natural next step, after cultivating a heart for God, people start to care about others around them. They see their life transformed by God's presence and we believe people will be moved to serve. Being the hands and feet of Jesus in our community means it demonstrates a genuine love for others as you serve and care for those around you. It also helps others "see" the love of Jesus through you.


This is actually two parts for those who truly want to obey Jesus. The first part is to carry the message of Jesus to others (no matter where they are). Sharing your story and the incredible message of Jesus is actually what all believers are asked to do by Jesus. 
Second is to carry another person along in their journey (mentoring) as they wish to attend a gathering, a group or even serve the community. Investing in another person, who in turn will invest in another is a true sign of a committed follower of Jesus. Think of carrying a cup of water and sharing the living water with a friend.